What our patients are saying

"The therapists are very friendly, knowledgeable, considerate, and easy to work with. The atmosphere was always very encouraging. People talk about "therapy" as being a chore or difficulty. Not once, did I ever feel that. I looked forward to going to see my progress and get help in recovering from my surgery. Thank you everyone!!"

"Scheduling was done efficiently to my schedule. My physical therapist was very attentive to my needs. I did not want surgery, and my PT worked very hard so that did not happen. Very very well satisfied."

"The front desk ladies are so kind and always greet you with a smile! You don’t have to sit and wait, they are always on time getting you in and out! The physical therapists take the time to actually listen to you and push you to do your best!"

"I was really impressed with the professionalism of everyone in the physical therapy office and room where exercises were done. The therapists really knew what they were doing, explained why each exercise was important to the healing process, and were both gentle and determined to have each patient make his/her goal."

"Timely, compassionate, encouraging, and educated. All the staff were very kind and helpful. They greeted me with a smile each day! They all know their jobs well, which builds trust and confidence with patients. Thank you, Kearney Physical Therapy staff."

"The team at Kearney Physical Therapy was awesome. Answered all my questions and encouraged me each visit. Great professional group. They were the best, thanks Michelle, Jenna and Lance!"

"The therapist has been wonderful to work with. She is always in a good mood and very kind. She has pushed me some every session and I am improving. After 6 months of therapy at a different location, I had no improvement. I have improved every session with Patty. Such a wonderful, professional and patient therapist."

"Michelle is always smiling and has done an excellent job with my injury. I feel much better when I leave and feel like I am being taught how to continue my rehab at home. Great staff."

"PT has done a nice job of explaining what is going on and the correlation between the tendons and muscles and how each exercise affects each and why we are doing each segment of the therapy."

"My Physical Therapist Micah has been great. She is knowledgeable and is capable of explaining it in layman's terms. Micah is definitely a very fine asset to Kearney Physical Therapy!"

"Staff is excellent from the moment you walk in the door, therapists are very thorough and professional, Michelle and Jenna are both outstanding people to work with."

"Always pleased with the attention and the response to my concerns."

"Informative with what will happen and all employees are very pleasant and cheerful."

"You all are very positive, encouraging, motivating, efficient and super great at your jobs."

"Always friendly and professional, motivate you continually to improve even though the road ahead is long."

"Always ready with a plan for what I can start to do next to relieve pain and gain strength."

"Your therapy was very effective, and most helpful, sure do miss you guys, but glad to be back to normal."

"Awesome team of therapists, Michelle and Jenna are fantastic."

"Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Relaxed atmosphere."

"I really enjoyed my time with Bruce. He was very knowledgeable about his craft. I feel much better. I will use the tools that Bruce gave me and work hard on my own. Thank you for all that you do."

"You listen to my comments about what helps and what hurts.They don’t make you feel like you are just one of many to them. Engaging staff!"

"What impressed me the most was how the therapist explained what the treatment was being used will do to help."

"Exercises are explained very well and the staff does a good job of listening to concerns."

"Michelle, McKenzie, and Autumn are VERY willing to help out with new ideas and recommendations! We appreciate what they are doing!"

"Friendly therapists make rehab easy, as they have explained why we are doing what and why we’re doing certain things. Both Shelby and Adam are very professional and go about their business in a friendly manner."

"Adam provides great education. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming. Very diligent with cleaning and sanitizing during the COVID-19 situation. Great friendly atmosphere and pay attention to detail."

"Adam does a great job explaining things. I like that it is hands on therapy. After leaving another therapy location due to not feeling any progress, I am finally hopeful with the program in place."

“I'm so grateful to have found such a great team, Adam & Josh are extremely helpful, they are very professional also understanding of the pain I am experiencing, never have I felt rushed or ignored. Even on a busy day! Cathy is also wonderful, every session I attend she is the first person I see walking into the building, and is always pleasant and polite and has a great attitude. It’s wonderful how positive the environment is and despite the reasons for having to go to therapy. It has certainly been a great part of my days. Thank you team, I appreciate how passionate you all are!”